You're ready to adopt a dog, cat, bunny or other amazing companion. Adopting a rescued animal is one of the most gratifying ways to bring a pet into your home. PAWS Animal Shelter has cats and bunnies at our adoption center as well as dogs and other amazing animals in caring, offsite foster homes. Visit the shelter and fall in love with your new feline family member or inquire about our many dogs and additional animals that live in foster homes.

Please remember that pet ownership is a serious responsibility. With that responsibility, there are challenges along with joy. We work with pet owners to resolve difficulties that occasionally arise and we have helped many owners keep their pets. We believe doing the right thing is not always easy but it's the right way to live.​​


Our adoption center specializes in caring for newborn, orphaned baby animals as well as providing tender loving care for homeless, unwanted or abandoned animals.

From a 600sf adoption center and for 14+ years, PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn, Oregon has helped more than 9000 animals find furever homes. PAWS Animal Shelter has helped thousands more animals in additional ways. PAWS Animal Shelter, a not-for-profit facility, depends 100% on your generous donations and grants. With your much needed financial support, PAWS Animal Shelter pays for utility bills, rent, numerous vet bills, baby formula, food, litter, supplies, medications, immunizations and orphan baby bottles while trying to save for a bigger facility.  




We work hard to ensure of all of our pets here at PAWS Animal Shelter are well-loved, cared for, healthy and live in a home environment as opposed to a typical "animal shelter." We can't do this without people like you and your donations of time and money.

If you want to make a positive impact on animals' lives, please consider a few options.

1.Donate Money:From a toddler dropping a nickel into our donation jar to a larger $$$ grant, every penny counts in keeping our shelter afloat.

2. Consider Fostering: Provide temporary foster care for an animal in your home until it can be adopted. 

3. Volunteer: We always need help at our adoption center. 

4. Fundraisers: Allow PAWS Animal Shelter to be the beneficiary of your school, business or organization's fundraiser.

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